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Entrepreneurs: how reviews work for a cleaning business

Speaking of reviews for the job of entrepreneur, most of us don't want to fail. We only think of those who have succeeded like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Henry Ford and so on. At a time when entrepreneurs want their services and products be full of excellent reviews by taking all the risks. Too much ambition to pile them up can have a bad effect. While all you're thinking now as a CEO and co-founder is to have superior knowledge to be a pioneer in your field. And own a company worth 100 billion net dollars. This topic can help many businesspeople and business owners identify best review practices, no matter what profession they are in.

Reviews: Best practices for entrepreneurs and businesspeople

It is good to be ambitious and daring as a founder, but when you are lost, you are going down the wrong path. This is one of the many things that will come together on this subject and how we can find a better way to get the best review practices.

Although there are methods you need to have in place when a company is set up like the following: 

  • Find out about market size
  • And get your own unique marketing strategies to help meet customer demands, etc.

In this topic, our focus would be on what you should not do when it comes to accumulation of reviews.

Don't ask for the customer reviews unnecessarily.

If you've looked on the Internet to help improve relationships with your customers and saw the headline, "don't ask for customer reviews". This is not a clickbait strategy to get you here. It's all going to be explained in detail. And it's possible you'll agree with me at the end of the topic. Here are the reasons why:

  • Whether you belong to a small, medium, or a large cleaning company. There would be a time to post your reviews online to help other potential customers better evaluate your services or products before they go into business with you. While this is important across all categories of companies. It's important not get into a dubious game and see it as a do or die task.

  • As a business owner, you would be tempted at a point to go along with the digital marketers who pop up from your website contact form and Google business profile. They'd offer a lot of reviews in return for money. It may be tempting for any new small business in the industry that wants to match competitors hundreds of reviews online. Going this route is like building a house on a bad foundation. It will not only be a tough start, but a bad end. Though Del boy would say, "He who dares wins"! Remember this saying too, "it's not how you start, it's how you finish. Let the growth of your business be a trustworthy path instead of a do or die growth that can have the worst lasting effect.

How to model a path of trust.

  • This point will be useful not only to small cleaning companies, but to all contractors who are inspired to be an example in their chosen company. When you provide a service to people, it is best to let the reviews come naturally instead of pushing for them.

  • The downside for a desperate push for reviews is that you are leaving yourself exposed to be weaker in front of the customer and client.

  • Although there are many kind customers who do not mind giving excellent reviews when your service has only met 90% of the expectations of 100%

  • The average customer would only give 5 stars reviews only if 100% of the service is fulfilled.

  • This makes it a challenging task to be pushing for 5 stars review from small companies.

A good example on how reviews work for cleaning services near me.

Imagine you have just finished an end of tenancy cleaning service that's taken you hours of cleaning. And as soon as the cleaning finishes. You send the client an email or a text to give reviews of the completed job. This is a typical desperate push for excellent reviews, and it often doesn't end well.

Your eyes Versus customer eyes


The average customer would explore your desperation. And ask you to re-clean or ask for a refund if you've refused to re-clean depending on the terms and conditions of your company. Everybody's standard is different. With your own eyes, you might have done a perfect cleaning. But in the eyes of customers, this is the beginning as she/he wants an area that's been accumulated dirt for months without regular cleaning to look like a brand new again. Pushing for reviews to meet the website SEO task in these ways will cost you more than you bargin for, and you should stay away from these activities by any means.

How the big companies ask for feedback

Wait 7-14 days after the service ends like big companies operate before asking for a review of your service. Remember, many big companies can get away from pushing for excellent reviews. Why? Because they have the resources to work with. One of the intelligent ways the big giant companies are asking customers for feedback these days is with email marketing. They ask customers to do a 5-to-10-minute survey on their services by offering a £10 to £20 gift card in exchange.

Put yourself in client shoes

As experts of good reputation, big firms put themselves in the customers' shoes by offering gift cards to customers in exchange for feedback and survey on the services. One example of their smart marketing strategies is that they allow their new clients with a one-month trial of services. People sometimes feel obligated to a company and would rather buy a product from that company because a free service was provided to them for a period of time.These big companies know it's a big deal for people to do things for free and to get things for free. And that's why they go through the legitimate way of not just asking for a review for fun. Unfortunately, those resources are not affordable for small businesses. And small companies also can't afford the resources to counter against the disadvantages of pushing for good hundreds of reviews.

Whether you are a service provider and sell products in an online grocery store or a private house cleaner. Don't be overwhelmed by negative feedback as it builds customer confidence by demonstrating that you are open and transparent. You might have good aims of having your business well represented as entrepreneurs to push for only excellent reviews. But don't forget that negative reviews have one thing in the long run. And that's it makes the mind more open to diverse viewpoints and as a result, you grow as a company.

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