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Every household needs a domestic cleaner at some point. These days, what a lot of people have in common is that they are busy working and they don't have the extra time to clean their home the way they want. The majority of people spend their time off doing what's more important to them rather than spend it cleaning. This is where a domestic cleaning service comes into play, we cover every part of your house and you can also give us special requests on the areas that need more attention. Even if it means to deep clean your extractor fan and oven door, our domestic deep clean service does it much better.

We deliver cleaning solutions for every inch of your home.

A house needs ongoing maintenance and can often be overwhelming. Having a clean house is one of the essentials for landlords. In an ideal world, you would have a clean home every day and not have to lift a finger. With Babsy Cleaning, it’s completely possible. We offer outstanding home cleaning services that deliver clean solutions for every inch of your home. We combine personalized service and top-notch care to provide an experience that will simply leave you satisfied.


Regular domestic cleaning service

To find a cleaning lady that pays attention to detail and use the best cleaning method. Talk to our team to resolve the issue on your behalf. Absolute peace of mind with far lower and more competitive prices.

domestic cleaning service
Domestic cleaner near limehouse and canary wharf London

On a regular basis, our domestic cleaning service will help you to remove all the built-up dirt and keep your home sparkling in much less time and expense. Our domestic cleaners can:


If you want cleaning services in London with a regular or a one-off cleaning session, contact our company in London to do them for you. Domestic cleaners in London that will clean up your oven full of built-up stains. The great service with great house cleaners that provides the house cleaning service worth of money spent.

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Commercial Cleaning Service*


We are one of the passionate regular house cleaning companies that create a clean and healthy environment for families in London. On top of good regular cleaning, our improved disinfection services are available to everyone to ensure the well-being of the families in the capital. Studies have shown that disinfection of surfaces can protect against infection. This is why at Babsy Cleaning, we want to give you the opportunity to bring our expert cleaners to clean your house and disinfect frequently affected surfaces for you.

With us, you can be sure that your home gets a cleaning supported by a fully trained local cleaner, carpet cleaners, and a team of professional cleaners who have years of experience in the cleaning industry. We provide the best domestic cleaning service in east, west, north, central London, ec1v and many other boroughs. Affordable cleaning for all the residents. Remember that you can consult our frequently asked questions on the FAQs page to see an answer to your questions.

Two of the reasons why it might be a good time for you to contact us is if you have an upcoming special event. Another good reason is that you may not have had time to clean up any accumulated waste. Either way, we want to help you get the thorough cleaning you and your family deserve with our unique cleaning service. We are available 24/7 and days a week in the event you are wondering. You can book online cleaning services quotes now and our Customer Service team always tries to reply to cleaning quotes as soon as possible.

Builders cleans, room and kitchen cleanup

We are also available if you need a fully cleaned building or if you want your kitchen to be spotless. Babsy Cleaning specialist and their highly qualified team will easily deal with all the dirts accumulated in every nook and cranny in every room of your home or workspace. You won’t even know them when we’re done cleaning the rooms and the kitchen. We carry out our standard cleaning tasks for disinfecting surfaces, as well as cleaning your appliances, floors and cabinet fronts. Any cooking spots in your kitchen will be neatly cleaned as well.


Our general domestic cleaning services include cleaning picture frames, dust ceiling, light switches, shade, and vacuum upholstered furniture. Your rooms will be ready to accommodate your favorite VIP guests. We will clean every bit when it comes to cleaning your sleeping areas. From the experience of cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, we know that the bathroom can be an area where it is infested with germs in your home as the bacteria lives on every surface without you even knowing it.

Bacteria can be found on computers and keyboards. Our domestic cleaners are vetted, properly trained and they have references from previous workplaces, and proof of address. It is very important for us to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria without damaging your important equipment and office equipment. They have equipment, tools, and eco-friendly cleaning products to disinfect it to make your home a much more pleasant place to live.