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General cleaning: Find local cleaners

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An Important note: The costs of end of tenancy cleaning services vary, as they depend on the condition of a property or the size of the house, etc. For inquiries about a cleaning quote and other related customer questions, please contact us.

General cleaning. Find local cleaners

Cleaning services for flats and houses.


Choose from a variety of general cleaning quotes from Babsy Cleaning. We pride ourselves on being the leading cleaning service provider in London. Business partners and property management companies place their faith in Babsy Cleaning. We have a dedicated team who have all taken intensive training to ensure they can achieve impressive results each time. We want to leave each client with a great impression and be completely satisfied with all aspects of our service.

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Quotation for general end of tenancy cleaning.


  • Studio Flat
  • £80 – £100 / service
  • 1 Bed Flat
  • £100-£120 / service
  • 2 Bed Flat
  • £120-£150 / service
  • 3 Bed Flat
  • £150-£200 / service
  • 4 Bed Flat
  • £200-£250 / service
  • 5 Bed Flat
  • £250-£300 / service
  • After party cleaning
  • £150-£200 / service
  • 2 Bedroom House
  • £150-£200 / service
  • One Bedroom House
  • £120-£150 / service


We are proud to serve all areas of London, U.K.


Whether you have just relocated, or you are planning to move out of your current house. Even if you need to find a move-in cleaning or move-out cleaning, our teams are friendly, and we have highly skilled cleaners who will ensure that your house is in its best condition. We will do the cleanup to make it less stressful for you to move so that your home can look great for the people moving in.

High standard of general cleaning service


Babsy Cleaning offers a wide variety of general cleaning services. We offer reliable and quality cleaning from the beginning, and we are committed to maintaining the same high standard of service for which we have become famous. Do you need a cleaning task at home or at work? You have no time or material to do it yourself? When you ask for a cleaning quote from us, you are sped up to top quality and local cleaning staff in your area to do your job.


Best clean services near me.


When you try to find services meant for people living in local areas. The basis to remember is the reliability and experience of the cleaners. This is where we come in. The foundation of our services is to provide the best cleaning for all residents and people who come to live in the United Kingdom.
To find a cleaner and a cleaning company good for locals. An excellent customer service with high quality service is necessary. That cleaning company should offer these basic professional cleaning and home cleaning services as follows:

  • regular clean and deep clean
  • bi weekly and weekly cleaning
  • internal window cleaning
  • domestic cleaning


This applies even if you are hiring a cleaner or hiring a professional cleaner with no liability insurance. It is better to have a feeling that a cleaning company hired to do your cleaning will do a great job than not. Even if you are just hiring a cleaner for a weekly clean or a regular clean service.


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