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Slavery and human trafficking statement

Financial year ending 31 October 2021

Slavery and human trafficking statement: clean contract services


These slavery and human trafficking statement focus on the annual reporting requirements contained in section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It has been put in place to help eradicate slavery, forced labor and trafficking business operations and supply chains. This statement is made in accordance with the ("Act") referred to above and contains information about Babsy Cleaning, its own operations and supply chains, and the way we address the eradication of slavery and human trafficking in our organization.


We are committed to preventing and mitigating exploitation and corrupt practices, and human trafficking in our operations. The company will not tolerate modern slavery or forced labor.  As part of our corporate social responsibility, we are committed to carrying out a risk analysis of our supply chain to develop a plan improve transparency and accountability across our supply chain. A working group is also being set up to promote our approach to combating modern slavery.


Company's structure

Babsy Cleaning is a subsidiary of Byselling Ltd. Although this is a Babsy Cleaning declaration on human trafficking, the risk areas and activities described in this declaration also apply to all branches of Byselling Ltd.

Business service

We are a cleaning company headquartered in London for general cleaning services. Our services include commercial, home and industrial cleaning services. Our vision is to deliver quality cleaning services to everybody in Britain. We are determined to provide services that create an ultra clean environment for the general public, educational institutions, government departments and private organizations.


Scrutiny - slavery and human trafficking statement

Within our approach to maintaining a supply chain free of modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking. We request all commercial organizations bidding on Babsy Cleaning work to provide a copy or link to their anti-slavery statement. It is one of primary policies of modern slavery of the company.

Risk segments - slavery and human trafficking statement

Procurement processes are managed by a team of procurement experts. As a result, our risk analysis of our supply chain will provide us with a better understanding of supply contracts where there is increased operational risk. The providers we use to deliver our business, and our own operations, are mostly UK-based.