Professional cleaning services

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Office cleaning service

A welcome looking office is essential to impress your clients and to maintain a good working environment for all members of staff. Here are brief lists of what we clean:

  • Reception & workstation areas
  • Front door and windows
  • Vacuum all carpet and upholstered furniture
  • Sweep all surface flooring
  • Dust filling cabinets, tables, counter tops, bookshelves, and all smooth surface
  • Empty all bins, and replace liners
  • Wipe and disinfect all surfaces including refrigerators and counter tops
  • Straighten entryway mats and items on counter tops

Office Cleaning

We are committed to making sure that your office will always look its best, we have office cleaning programs specifically designed to suit your needs, whether you need a deep clean or standard cleaning service on a daily, or monthly basis.

industrial cleaning service

From single offices to high street shops or retail complexes, we can provide a solution to suit your company’s needs, no matter how big the job is, or how many cleaning hours you require, or what your budget might be.

With our service, we can guarantee; a good experience, flexibility, and a high specification clean.

Office Cleaning includes:

industrial cleaning service